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pizzastolemylife asked:

oh my god i watched the glitch video AND YOUr LAUGH IS SO CONTAGIOUS OMG

Heh.. Thanks :p I’ve been told this. Also a few people said I look high or similar o.o It was a long stream with energy drink, messed up sleep pattern, trying to try hard and 3 glitches I’ve never seen in over 130 hours of BoI gameplay.. Glad you enjoyed it :p

Glitching Of Isaac; Losing My Damn Mind - YouTube

So I was streaming my Project; Grinding Of Isaac (fresh start file after Platinum God, helping new players and experiencing it all again I’m hype for rebirth) and a few glitches got to me.. The third though.. Wow… On par with Ladder Goat? :p

Sexuality- cover by 'Dead Nights & Thomas McNeill {Seven Days of Love}

Myself, my friend and his girlfriend covered “Sexuality” by Billy Bragg for Seven Days of Noise for Love, for LGBT awareness and acceptance :3

Likes would be loved <3

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